Q: Who are you? 

A: I'm a 15 year old, amateur musician and reviewer. I hope that someday I can be a professional musician or critic. Apart from this, i've written reviews of several other things.

Q: What is this?
A: As the name suggests, it's where I review music, reviewing every album by my favorite bands.

Q: Why did you start this site?

A: For two reasons.

1. To share my thoughts on music I like, and some of the music I don't. 
2. I like reading reviews of music, but most of the sites i've seen have significant flaws. Some aren't detailed enough, some have a needlessly complex rating system, some grade on a curve, etc. So I created this to review music my way.

Q: What are your favorite bands?

A: Rush, Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Who, Billy Joel, Yes, David Bowie, Guns N Roses, Journey. 

Q: How does your rating system work?

A: It's quite simple.

5/5: Top-of-the-line, every song ranges from good to amazing. Must hear.
4/5: Good. A few bad songs, but mostly good. Skip the bad, but get.
3/5: Okay. Some good, but some bad. Listen for the good stuff.
2/5: Mediocre. A few diamonds in the rough, but mostly not worth it. Listen to the good tracks as MP3s or something.
1/5: The bottom of the barrel. No songs are even decent, and all range from mediocre to pain-inducing. Do not recommend.

Q: What separates a good song from a bad song, in your opinion?

A:  The melodies. In my opinion, melody is what a song IS. If you take away the lyrics, the singing, or whatever, you still have a song. But without melody, you've got nothing.

Q: Do you grade on a curve?

A: HELL NO. I am a firm believer that a 5/5 is a 5/5 no matter what, regardless of the band. A 5/5 song for Rush is the same as a 5/5 for Lil Wayne. One might be harder to achieve (Guess which one) but both are the same quality.

Q: What does "Egg council" mean?

A: That's my username on a forum entitled The Nohomers Club.

Hope that clears things up.

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